Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka: Types, Decoration and Symbolism, by Dr Ravinder Reddy
Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka is a visually-driven and broad-based introduction to the unique world of arms and armour of the Indian region, encompassing India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, areas with strong martial traditions. 
At nearly 400 pages long, it provides an exhaustive overview of types of arms and armour, with geographical and historical context via the use of illustrated maps, their decoration and methods of adornment, as well as the iconographic and religious symbology. The 70+ weapon illustrations from the glossary section adorn the front and back covers in gold foil, laid out symmetrically in reference to typical weapon displays. The illustrated Chillanum also featured on Dr Reddys business card to marry his book with his online collection 
Published in hardback by Hali Publishing, January 2019
Available to purchase from Hali or Amazon
Complete Book Design, Cover Illustrations
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