Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka: Types, Decoration and Symbolism
By Ravinder Reddy
Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka is a very visually-driven and broad-based introduction to the unique world of arms and armour of the Indian region, encompassing India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, areas with strong martial traditions. It provides an overview of types of arms and armour, with extensive geographical and historical context with many illustrated maps, their decoration and methods of adornment, as well as the iconographic and religious symbology. A unique and valuable feature of the book is an illustrated glossary. It is specifically designed to suit the needs of anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with this topic and the region. It can serve as a reference for the novice collector, and as an image resource for experts. This would include anyone interested in arms and armour in general, antique dealers, museums, general art market, educators, and, of course, collectors. There has been increased interest in both collecting and scholarship regarding Indic arms and armour. Nearly every major auction on Indian and Islamic material tends to include arms and armour.
386 pages
702 illustrations
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