UKALL14 is a medical trial exploring the  of new blood cancer treatments.

The trial, for adults with newly diagnosed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, aims to determine how cutting edge chemotherapy drugs and treatment protocols effect patient survival.
Making the first year of a patients battle with Leukaemia into a quantified single page was the best way we could try and bring order and make sense of the nightmare that is Cancer.
Headed by a 180 degree timeline to give an overview treatment frequency and intensity, the schema is illustrated in more detail moving down the page, from diagnosis to prognosis by use of bar charts, line graphs, headline statistics and pie charts.
Despite the infographic being mostly quantitive, it is important to remember that the subject matter is a patient and not a statistic. We are pleased to announce that after five years patient #H3507 remains in complete remission, thanks to the unwavering determination and unrivalled skill of the medical professionals responsible for their treatment. 

Learn more about the trial and the incredible work being done by Cancer Research and the NHS here
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